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Our Services

Our results-oriented services were developed over 25 years of strategic and tactical communications covering a broad range of technology industries, with specific emphasis on, Healthcare IT, Cloud Computing, Biotech, Medical Devices, and Cybersecurity.  

Public Relations

TopSpin believes PR is the most powerful yet most underutilized communications tool available to tech companies. We help clients develop and refine their corporate and product positioning and messaging into highly effective communications vehicles that impact the marketplace with increased visibility and credibility. For 20+ years, we've assisted market leaders and startups in numerous industries.

Lead Generation

We have extensive lead generation experience over a wide range of marketing activities. Our highly effective Turnkey Email Marketing Program can produce Web traffic and qualified leads to your site and landing pages from decision makers and influencers for your products and services. In most cases, these will be your Lowest Cost Per Lead!

Marketing Communication

As your outsourced marketing department or in conjunction with your existing marketing team, TopSpin can help you craft and implement strategic messages that differentiate you from the competition. We then tailor them specifically to each audience and clearly communicate the message to your target audiences, channels, and partners, making the most efficient use of your marketing budget.

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Why Do Clients Choose Us?


At TopSpin Communications, we understand perception is often as influential as reality. Your company’s image should reflect its mission, vision, and corporate culture. 


Your positioning and messages must be compelling, yet always truthful and able to withstand the scrutiny of industry analysts, the media, your customers, and the public. Positive recognition and validation about your company and products by independent experts can significantly increase shareholder value. 


We have the media relations experience, contacts, knowledge, tools, and processes to effectively target and deliver your messages to key influencers. Developing a consistent communications program and long-term professional relationships is what brings the best results.

The TopSpin Difference

At TopSpin Communications, we understand technologies, industries, markets, channels, and media. We’ve successfully launched more than 400 products, and our comprehensive PR programs have helped our clients to receive more than 70 industry awards and thousands of media placements in leading publications.

Key Technology Focus Areas

Healthcare IT, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Applications, Biotechnology, Economic Development, Education, Enterprise Applications, High Performance Computing, Medical Devices, Mobile HW/SW, Networking, Open Source, HIPAA Security & Privacy, and Telecom.

Topspin Associates & Partners

TopSpin Communications is a Phoenix, AZ-based PR & Marketing Agency providing services and counsel to technology companies. Its Founder & President Joe Waldygo has 25+ years experience working with technology market leaders, small and  medium-sized companies. 

International Experience

One of Topspin’s specialty focus areas is working with international companies to gain visibility and market penetration in the U.S. This requires an understanding and appreciation of cross-cultural values, communication styles, and business practices.

Knowledge & Experience

TopSpin sets itself apart from other agencies in its ability to understand and analyze very technical products and then develop/execute powerful and original messages based on key differentiated positioning points.

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